Tonight I had one of the most positive experiences of my life and I thought I’d share with tumblr… 

Basically I came out (properly) to my mum.

One thing you need to know about my mum is that she is extremely Christian. She works in a church and Christianity is her whole life.

A year ago I told her I was bisexual. I don’t think I was ready, and she certainly wasn’t. We argued so much and many of our conversations ended in tears. We both were miserable.

Besides I’m not bisexual, I’m pansexual. 

Tonight I told her this. I told her I’m pansexual and she was willing to listen.

I went into detail about what pansexuality means. I also went into detail about every single other sexuality. She allowed me to discuss gender issues, and I explained that it is totally normal to not understand certain things. 

I then went on to talk about how scared teenagers are that their parents won’t love them or will kick them out and she told me that will never happen.

She said loves me no matter what and would never kick me out.

We then agreed that it doesn’t matter who I date, as long as I’m happy, that we still love each other, and that she at least tries to get on with them.

I then explained that I would fight against her church for any issue involving equality, and that I understand if she’s not for equal marriage, but I am. Which she accepted.

Then I told her firmly that I am the same person. My sexuality is only a tiny part of me, and that I’m still the same supernatural obsessed, guitar playing girl who will fangirl over Merlin and Arthur with her. 

I also explained the serious consequences of parents rejecting their child (for example, suicide) and spoke about different organisations working to help, and working towards equality.

I also told her all the “myths” about pansexuality/bisexuality. I also explained how people can be biphobic or panphobic.  And I made sure she knew that none of these are true. That I’m not greedy/confused/hiding the fact I am a lesbian. I re-enforced that all this stuff exists. 

Then I made sure that she knew that my sexuality isn’t a choice, and that it can’t be changed.

We discussed in depth how generations are a big factor, and her generation finds it difficult to understand things, however she will accept that it’s there and will accept me and love me unconditionally.

So basically my mum is fucking awesome. Because she may not be 100% comfortable with my sexuality but she is willing to try. And she loves me. 

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